Internet graveyard

So, the site has been pretty neglected for the last couple of months.  I've been working hard on the next novel, and I get pretty one track minded when it comes to writing.  Some would call it focus; I think of it as a more drooling simplicity when it comes to the old brain not being able to multi task. 

We throw away a tremendous amount on the web.  Something will come in and be on everyone's mind for two days, then there will be a parody/mashup of it, meme, and then it's over.  Except for Ron Swanson jokes, those never get old, and they definitely aren't reskinned Chuck Norris jokes. And then, poof, it's gone.  A tremendous amount of time and effort thrown away after a day or two.

I really wish writeryanwrite could go in that direction.  Super popular and hot and then gone the way of Chocolate Rain.  That way I wouldn't have to feel guilty about not working on it.  I would hate for the dozens to be disappointed.


Hey, remember this?

You couldn't escape it thirteen years ago, and why should you now?

I'm a little cranky today huh?


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