Sorry to the Dozen(s)

I haven't been updating the blog that last few days due to illness.  My B dawg.  That is actually something that was said pretty regularly when I was in 8th grade, back in 91.  We were all Cool as Ice back then.

So, this website won't build itself and I'll try to update more regularly, but if I'm in a coma, My B dawg, my B.

Later on this weekend I'll post my first and most likely last movie review.  I don't think I've ever done one before, so I'll give it a shot.  I'm going to see Trainwreck, the new Apatow movie.

I'm going to the movies because the wife and kids went on a trip and left me home alone... So I spent the day recovering from my illness and proofing New Rock for the last go around before release.  The book is coming along great, and I may be able to get it out sooner than I originally thought.  Me fail English? That's unpossible!

Today's song you should know is from Banjo & Sullivan and truly captures what it's like to be a married man at home while his wife and kids are away.