Don Johnson wasn't even in Space Jam...

Trying to think of a topic for the blog today (apparently these things should be updated more than  I remembered a story.

I was probably somewhere around six or seven years old and my dad told me to sweep the driveway.  A task that is probably achievable for a normal kid, which I apparently was not, because I cried.  I remember being upset that I had to sweep the driveway, and it crossed my mind that Don Johnson probably never had to sweep his driveway.  Keep in mind that it was 1984 or 85.  It just didn't seem fair or right that Crockett from Miami Vice didn't have to do the things that I did. 

I remember my dad being annoyed with me for crying.  I don't blame him.  Don Johnson's dad probably didn't have to put up with some namby pamby crying kid either, so life isn't fair for anyone now is it?

My pick for today's song is Van Morrison- It's all over now (Baby Blue)