This Summer's Reading

I'm trying to divert myself from sales figures for New Rock, so I'm going to vent a minor thing that annoys me.


Every year, the President goes on long working vacations during the Summer.  For the month or so that they are gone, they probably only get about two days where they are left alone and can relax, yet somehow, the White House will release a list of about seventy-five books that the President read....  Granted I'm not Presidential material, but how is that possible?  I'm Mr. Mom with two kids, a dog, a blog, and I write a little everyday, and I only read twelve books this Summer.  Here are the books that I've read since school let out this Summer:

1.  "The Means" Douglas Brunt

2.  "Cat Out of Hell" Lynne Truss

3.  "Doing the Devil's Work" Bill Loehfelm

4.  "Revival"  Stephen King

5.  "Backflash"  Richard Stark

6.  "Fields of Prey"  John Sandford

7.  "The Serpent of Venice"  Cristopher Moore

8. "Firebreak" Richard Stark

9.  "New Rock"  by Me

10.  "Last Days of Radio"  Jeremy Hawkins

11.  "Lamb"  Cristopher Moore

12.  "Ready Player One"  Ernest Cline

Obama took five days off for the holidays and had six books listed:

If you're curious, I don't finish books I don't like, so these are the ones I liked.  I won't bother with listing the few I started and weren't for me.