The first post.... why publish on Lulu?

When I first started writing New Rock, I was determined to find an agent and try my hand at publishing at one of the big boy publishers to give my book the best chance it would have to find an audience.  I was determined to go through the thousands of rejection letters and disappointments, because for some reason that is how the industry works.  No matter how many times the publishing industry failed to recognize a genius writer in his or her lifetime (Toole, Poe, or any number of under appreciated artists and writers) they feel that it is their duty to instantly reject a writer because they don't like the first three sentences of a 350 page novel. 

Now, I'm no genius.  Well, I secretly believe myself to be one, which would be the greatest secret ever, but I do think New Rock is a good novel and deserves to get out there and in time, if available, it will find an audience.  Tying it up in corporate publishing will only slow it down.  Truthfully, with the audience I'm looking for, New Adult, I don't really need to get into bookstores at all.  They are disappearing and most modern writers are selling three e-books to every hard copy now.  The younger audience that should gravitate towards the book do the majority of their lit shopping in the Kindle store, so that's where I need to be. 

I'm excited about the book and I hope you check it out in August 2015.

PS - The blog won't always be about me shilling stuff... I'll try to write about the Kardashians, apparently they need keeping up with.